Of course we don’t know for sure, but dogs appear to take the world pragmatically as it is. Just accepting, never wondering about the meaning of it all.

Taking Masha on a short trip to Ölands eastern coast, I have remembered how.

She is used to water, given that we live a stone’s throw from a lake. But such a vast body of water – with only one shore – had her sit and stare at the horizon for a long time, mesmerized and awestruck at the same time.

And then…

She just charged the ice-cold, brackish waves, jumping, swimming, diving, drifting along, or letting them crash around her ears. Fetching stuff from no matter how far out, again and again and again. Lying in the sand, just listening to the waves, taking it all in.

Ball rescue from the edge of the world

And then she gave me this deeply satisfied look, and suddenly I realized that she was at home. This simple world of sand and water and the sky above, was perfect to her. Divine. Such a sense of belonging.

The strange part is – I felt it too: a moment where life is perfect just as it is.

That didn’t take much.

On the contrary.